4 Dangers of Running Your Own SEO Campaign

Every business wants to cut costs. That’s true regardless of size. Small and large companies alike look meticulously over balance sheets every year in an attempt to reduce outgoings while increasing the amount of money that’s coming in. 

As it happens, money being spent on SEO services is always one of these costs that’s looked at carefully. Both website owners and business managers look at the amount spent on search engine optimization and think, “Is there a way to minimize this figure, or better yet, is there any way we could carry out this marketing technique ourselves?”

The dangers of doing this may not always be clear, but they are far-reaching. Here are 4 important reasons why you need to look at organic SEO marketing as an investment, rather than a cost.

  1. You Risk Punishment

If you use SEO methods that aren’t approved by Google and the search engines, guess what? They’ll punish you. If you thought saving a few dollars was worth risking punishment for, wait and see how much it’ll cost you now you’re ranked in the search engine’s metaphorical desert.

  1. You Risk Wasting Time

Organic SEO isn’t something you can do in an instant, unfortunately. It takes time, and it takes work. If you’re spending your time running an inefficient campaign, not only are you wasting that time, you’re also wasting the time you’ll have to wait for your correctly-run campaign to get up and running. Whereas you intended to half your costs, you’ll have effectively doubled them.

  1. You Risk Losing Out to Your Competitors

The value of a well-run SEO campaign is obvious to pretty much everybody with an insight into marketing. That likely includes your competitors. While you’ll be working on your campaign yourself or with a cheap SEO agency, they’ll likely be spending their money on organic SEO services that will pay dividends for years to come.white hat seo

The difficult thing about losing ground to your competition is it’s very difficult to catch up again. Especially if they have the business savvy to market themselves in the correct ways.

  1. You Risk Wasting Money

If you try to cut costs by cutting back on the amount of money you spend on SEO services, you may actually end up spending more money. Crazy, right? As it happens, you’ll be outlaying money on what is very likely to be unhelpful tools (such as worthless backlinks) or an inexperienced service. It’s far better to just pay for a quality product and reap the rewards for years to come.

Don’t Fall Victim to Temptation

Each year, many decide to reduce their SEO budget in order to spend the money elsewhere. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always pay off. SEO is now a vital online marketing technique, and is something you really can’t do without, especially if you want to succeed on the web.

Don’t fall foul to this temptation unless you know you can cut costs yet receive the same kind of service you’d have otherwise received. The general consensus is, it’s just not worth it.

Web Design Northern Ireland: Debugging Google Instant Previews

NI Web Design - Google Instant Preview 1


A new challenge presents itself for web designers and website owners in Northern Ireland with the arrival of Google Instant Previews. Google Instant Previews essentially gives users the capacity to view a website ahead of visiting it. Google accomplishes this by displaying previews (a snapshot) of relevant web pages to users based on their search keywords. A magnifying glass icon is located to the right of each search result and as the user clicks or hovers this, a snapshot of the corresponding web page is displayed. The snapshot contains an overview of the website’s content. Orange “call-out boxes” containing search query text snippets are displayed within the snapshot highlighting what Google perceives to be relevant sections of the web page. This allows the user to quickly compare results and select a page that best matches what they are looking for. There are a number of scenarios where Instant Previews are especially useful. One example is when you’re searching for particular charts, graphs or images. Instant Previews will show you where the search term occurs and you’ll quickly see whether the graph is well suited to your search or not. Another is when you search for people; by using Instant Preview, a user can quickly scan the page and figure out if the page is in relation to the individual they are searching for.

Benefits of Google Instant Preview

Quickly compare results – A visual comparison of search results helps you select the one that’s correct for you. Quickly scan previews to see which page appears closest to what you are searching for. Pinpoint relevant content – Text call-outs highlight where your search terms show up on the web page so you can consider if it’s what you’re searching for. Interact with the results page – Page previews let you see the structure of a web page prior to clicking the search result. Looking for a graph, photo, map or list? See if you can spot what you are after in the preview.

Enabling Google Instant Preview

The Google Instant Previews feature is activated once you click the magnifying glass next to the title of any result. Google will then load previews for additional results in the background.

Disabling Google Instant Preview

You can disable Google Instant Previews by clicking the magnifying glass icon a second time. At the moment there is no official and permanent way to turn off this functionality. There are a few hacks out there such as this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAR1cBFh-YM

Enabling / Disabling using Shortcut Keys

Use right/left arrow keys to enable and disable Instant Previews.

Browsing Google Instant Preview Results

Click once on the magnifying glass in the search results to immediately see a preview of the web page. After activating Instant Previews with a click, you can hover over any other search result to see a preview of the online page.

Debugging Google Instant Preview

If your online page does not render properly in Google Instant Preview and you observe an error message you may wish to fix it. It is usually very challenging to read the error message as the text is so small, however occasionally a few words can be recognised. If the wording is not readable, then enlarging it using imaging tools will not make it more legible.

Google Instant Preview 2

Detecting Google Instant Preview Errors

Google generates previews in one of two ways: 1. The ‘GoogleBot’ user agent crawls the web page To identify potential errors in this case, install the Firefox add-on “User Agent Switcher” and change the user agent to ‘GoogleBot’. Errors detected on the page can then be corrected. 2. Previews are created on-the-fly To detect possible errors, use Safari or an equivalent Webkit-based browser like Google Chrome.

Verifying Google Instant Preview Errors Have Been Resolved.

So far I have not been able to locate a tool that will render the preview exactly as Google Instant Preview does. This suggests that it is not currently possible to check that any efforts to correct errors have succeeded. My present understanding is that the web content will have to be re-indexed by Google to verify that the error(s) has been resolved.

Article by: Web Design Northern Ireland